Thursday, May 2, 2013

Buns in the oven

To the untrained eye, this x-ray may not look like much but for us, it is very exciting.  This is Savi's x-ray, taken today, to give us a puppy count prior to her whelping them.  It is customary for breeders to x-ray the dam approximately one week before the due date.  The x-rays help us know how many pups to expect so that the delivery is a bit less stressful and we know if there are still pups inside if there are any problems.  We count the skulls and if you look closely, you can see the skulls and spines.  We set up the whelping box and just need to pick up a few more supplies and then the rest is up to Savi.

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June said...

thank you or being such an awesome mentor to those who know nothing about breeding and want to learn! The information you give so freely and graciously is awesome...
Can't wait until next week! Come on, Savi...lots of bitches :-)
(Oh, and a boy or 2 thrown into the mix)