Friday, May 10, 2013

Introducing our Fast Times Pups

We are thrilled to announce the arrival on May 9th of our Fast Times Litter - 4 Girls and 3 Boys!!!  They are produced by Parker, Multiple Group Winning, Best in Specialty Show, GCH HiBourne's It's All About Me, BROM and our Savi, CH Grayhart's Shear Genius, SH, NSD, NRD, V, CGC, PetPartner's Therapy Dog. Stage crew included me, Savi's breeder and her personal pupparazzi, Jo and Kel, who were a huge help in making this show a success. True to the litter's name, this bunch arrived in a timely fashion, all 7 in 3 hours and with daylight!
Miss Purple opened the show, making her appearance at 4:53 PM.  After each pup, Savi was served vanilla ice cream in a silver bowl!  Not only did she love this special treat to help give her nourishment but the calcium in the ice cream helped to produce contractions for the next pup.
Pup #2, Miss Pink followed at 5:34 PM.  The pups nursing on her also helped to stimulate contractions.  The first liquid to come out is called colostrum, and is extremely nourishing to the pups containing antibodies.  The mother's milk will come in a day or so.
Our first boy, Mr. Black, came at 5:54 PM
Pup #4, Miss Red came soon after at 6:09 PM
Pup #5, Miss Yellow appeared after a short break at 6:57 PM
Pup #6, Mr. Blue made his appearance at 7:27.  We thought Savi was done until the warning signs of another pup showed up.  After each serving of ice cream, Savi would burp, then pant and push out another pup. Well, we were surprised when she burped and we quickly cleared the box of the pups, putting them in their warming box.  True to form, burp, pant and push, to another gray pup!  So for an encore, lucky #7, Mr. Orange closed the show at 7:57 PM.

In order of appearance with their weights, I am proud to introduce...The Fast Times Litter:
  • Miss Purple, 14.3 oz
  • Miss Pink, 12.9 oz
  • Mr. Black, 14.3 oz
  • Miss Red, 10.8 oz
  • Miss Yellow, 12.9 oz
  • Mr. Blue, 14.8 oz
  • Mr. Orange, 13.8 oz
Mom and pups are doing well and have been nursing through the night.  Savi has been a wonderful first time mom, nursing the pups and keeping them immaculate.

Please follow the pups as they grow and develop by following our blog. Click on their names to see more pictures of Savi and Parker.

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