Saturday, January 16, 2010

T-C Pups Day Two - Part Two - Special Visitor

The pups had their first visitor today, our close friend and Weim owner, Lilly. Lilly owns two Weims, both related to Trixie, and as you can see by her smile, Trixie adores Lilly. Trixie thinks Lilly came to visit her....
After the pups eat, they just crash anywhere and in whatever position.
Milk drunk! The dark spot on Orange boy's belly is from the umbilical cord drying and falling off. A very normal thing.
This pups tongue is made for sucking!
Three Musketeers
Miss Pink...even though the pups are born deaf and blind, they have an amazing sense of smell which is what helps them find their mother's nipples to nurse from.
Mr. Black
Mr. Orange
Tomorrow the pups will have a new look...

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