Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Bravo Pups are here!

Right on schedule, Trixie delivered her pups on January 14th! This will be our Bravo litter, as it is Trixie's last litter and both Trixie and Clay deserve applause. Also, I am a fan of Bravo TV and the registered names will reflect our favorite shows.
We are proud to welcome the newest Grayhart pups, 5 boys and 3 girls. Trixie delivered the first pup at 3:26 am and finished whelping the last pup at 10:10 am. The delivery went well and Trixie and the pups are doing great. Trixie is an amazing mother and knows exactly what to do. The pups have all been cleaned, nursed and Trixie has stimulated them to poop, as they are unable to on their own at this young stage. I will post more pictures and introduce the pups later. Time for me to get some rest from the all nighter delivering pups.


sararenee said...

Give Trixie momma a smooch from me~

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful! Congrats! Great job Clay and Trixie. Get some sleep Linda..xoxox

Eli and Rae said...

YAY!!!! WOW her last two litters flip-flopped...mainly girls last time and mainly boys this time! They look great :) Can't wait for more pics!