Saturday, January 16, 2010

T-C Pups Day Two - Part One

Can't you see we're busy? And I'm sure you noticed the silver box sitting on the pigrail, that's a thermometer. We constantly monitor the temperature of the whelping box.
All the pups are good little eaters
The pups not only use their paws to help stay in position but the pushing against the mammary glands helps stimulate the milk flow.
She's full...
Trixie kissing her baby
The stripes on the pups have already begun to fade.
This little boy found Trixie's armpit the perfect place to snooze.
These pups seem to eat almost constantly and to make sure that Trixie gets enough nourishment to produce the amount of milk needed, she has unlimited access to her food and water. She's eating over 9 cups of small breed puppy food a day!

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