Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Patiently waiting...

I know that many of you are waiting for puppy news. I can report that Trixie has been showing the normal, very early signs of labor but I don't think we will see our first pup until tomorrow morning, although I could easily be wrong. Trixie had a restless night, panting and literally sleeping on top of me on the couch. She has been extremely clingy today, not only not allowing me to be out of her sight but she wants to be on me or snuggling close. Her temp has been up and down, basically inconclusive. I can feel the pups moving in her belly and they have been quite active. Trixie feels the urge to urinate frequently; another sign that the pups are lining up towards the birth canal. Nesting is also a behavior of bitches who are close to whelping. Trixie did not do much nesting with her previous two litters but that is not always a predictor of future behavior. Nest the princess did, in one of our nice leather chairs! She dug out the stuffing from the seams of where the arms meet the seat so at least it can be fixed...a learning experience and now we know that she cannot be left alone at all.
I am thankful that the weather is fairly mild for January since we are constantly trekking out into the snow covered backyard. We are comfortable and just settling in and waiting. As soon as there is news, I'll post all that's fit to print!


Graydogz said...

Good luck and I know a few of us are looking forward to hearing what she has!

Linda said...

Thanks Jill! It will be an exciting time for sure.