Friday, January 15, 2010

Introducing the "Bravo Litter"

In their first official appearance, I present all 8 of our Trixie-Clay puppies, just hours old.As soon as the pups are born we make sure they are breathing and rub them vigorously with a towel to get the lungs going and to dry them off. Umbilical cords are cut, sometimes with the help of Trixie, pups are weighed and then dressed with a their first collar. Ours are made of ribbon.
In birth order with their weights:
  • Mr. Blue...............15.9 oz
  • Mr. Green............15.5 oz
  • Miss Raspberry...13.4 oz
  • Miss Pink.............13.2 oz
  • Miss Purple..........13.6 oz
  • Mr. Orange..........14.6 oz
  • Mr. Black.............16.0 oz
  • Mr. Red................16.0 oz

    The pups will get weighed daily and healthy pups weights will double or close to it, by the time they are one week old.
Mr. Green resting on mom's paw. The reddish light is due to a heat lamp in the corner of the whelping box. Temperature control is critical as pups cannont regulate their own body temperatures until they are 2-3 weeks old.
Miss Purple snoozing
All clean! Once the whelping is over, the pups are placed in the warming basket while I clean the whelping box and add the cozy fleece liner.
The pups are born deaf and blind. The eyes and ears will not open until the pups are two weeks old. At that time, we will go a number of days with no-flash photography to protect their developing vision.
Stripy Weim pups...the stripes will disappear in a day or so.
Hard to resist these cuties!
Miss Pink, a future glamour girl
Mr. Red, content after a meal
Miss Raspberry
Miss Purple found the perfect way to snuggle up to mommy Trixie.
Some at the milk bar and others, milk drunk and napping.


Jessica said...

Oh they are just so CUTE!!!!!!!!! It makes me think back to March when Mia-belle was born. I'm glad they are all doing well! And you got a bunch of boys this time...too bad I'm not ready for another:)

sararenee said...

You live too far for me to visit and I neeeeeed some puppy breath!

Linda said...

Oh Sara, I was even thinking about you today and how great it would be for you to come and photograph the pups! Wish I had a ton of frequent flyer miles...

Linda said...

Jess, you'll just have to settle for pictures now and have Mia console you, lol! When your ready for the next, we'll have the perfect pup for you!