Sunday, January 17, 2010

T-C Pups Day 3: A new look

Today was a busy day! In the morning, I stopped by TriState Weimaraner Rescue's wonderful Meet and Greet event at the local Petco, then took Jam for a well needed hike at Harriman State Park and then ran home to get ready for the pups tail docking and dewclaw removal. Now, they truly do look like miniature Weimaraners, well almost.
Can you count 8 pups? Some are accessing the lower level nipples!
Miss Raspberry getting a cuddle
Mr. Orange getting a smooch
Miss Purple is trying to walk! The pups have become quite adept at crawling all over the whelping box but they are developing quite quickly and getting very close to walking. I have to say that there is nothing cuter than seeing little Weim pups teetering and walking.
The after dinner crash...We will begin the BioSensor program tomorrow.

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