Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eleven Weeks Old!

The pups turned eleven weeks old yesterday and I couldn't be more thrilled at how well they are doing in their homes and amazed at how big they are all getting.

Trixie and Jam are best buds and love their morning play sessions! I was able to catch a calm moment...

Jam really likes this toy - a combo rope and dental chew.
We use all kinds of items for the retrieve including a paint roller, dumbbell and metal articles. The pups are little sponges at this age and it is critical to develop all of their natural abilities and build upon their training potential. Everything we do is a game with lots of rewards, whether it be food, tugging or praise. We've been focusing on three main skills - eye contact/attention, retrieving and the all important recall.

This girl is a retrieving machine!

Trixie shows Jam how its done...she is formally back in training for Open obedience.

Tug of war is a favorite game in our house.

Always nice when they can share...

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