Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What have the pups been up to?

I am fortunate to have the best puppy people, who not only adore their gray babies but send me pictures and updates. Mia loves to pose for the camera and received lots of practice in the whelping box and pen, before going home with Michele.

Mia was given this toy from the puppy pen to take home. All of the pups were sent home with a toy that has the smells of their littermates and Trixie, to help them feel secure and comfortable in their new homes. It is obvious that they all have adjusted beautifully!
Mia loves exploring the property surrounding her house.

Marshall always makes me smile with his pictures. Yeah for Laura for catching this tongue shot, hehehhe!
Good sit Marshall!

That's Marshall's big brother, Dylan, playing follow the leader.
After playing out in the hot Kansas sun, Marshall takes a nice nap.

Yes Sky, you are a star! Again, all these pups pose perfectly for the camera...it must be in the Trixie modeling genes!
As perfect as we know these pups are, they still manage to get into mischief....nice shoe you've got Sky.

and Sky's best buddy, George the cat. George has grown up with Weimaraners and is very dog savvy.

They love to play, even with Sky's possessed look!

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