Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Enjoying the fall

We are fortunate to live close to some fabulous state parks and Harriman State Park in New York is one of my favorites.  Last weekend, I took Trixie and Savi for a short hike and even though it is past peak fall foliage, it was still beautiful and we enjoyed having the trail to ourselves.  
After the hike, we drove a short distance to one of the many lakes in Harriman and Savi did some water retrieving.

\Scenic view of the lake.
Savi even had an audience, a group of Japanese tourists, who thought she was quite entertaining. They were snapping away at her swimming and water retrieves.  Wonder if she'll show up on a travel blog!
 Savi absolutely loves to swim and retrieve and it is terrific exercise.

We fit the hike and swim in before the sunset.

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June said...

Savi's awesome-ness knows no language barrier!