Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ready to burst!

Savi & Jam
With less than a week to go until Jam's due date, she has gotten huge!  Next to her slim sister Savi, you can see just how much her body has changed.  Her nipples are quite large, ready to provide milk to her pups and we can see/feel the pups inside her move around!  A truly amazing feeling to put your hand on her belly and feel a puppy move.

The whelping box and supplies are all set up and on Tuesday, we will go to the vet for an x-ray to see how many pups Jam is carrying.  The x-ray is not always 100% as sometimes there can be a hidden puppy but my vet has an excellent track record of being right on the money with puppy counts.  

Jam is feeling well and loves her increased food portions, eating six cups of kibble a day! She has started nesting, especially outside in  the bushes.  No, Jam will not be allowed to have her puppies under a bush in the backyard!  We will be monitoring her temperature and keeping a close eye on her to make sure we see the first signs of labor which may include heavy breathing, contractions, panting, restlessness and not eating. 

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