Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welcome home? Hurricane Irene was here...

 After an incredible family holiday on Cape Cod, we returned to New Jersey with trepidation, as friends had told us that trees had fallen in our backyard into the house.  We pulled onto our street and were happy to see that power had been restored!  Next, what was the damage to the house?
 Apparently, four of our close to 100 foot tall trees in the backyard fell uphill.  The scene looked like a tornado touched down in our woods.
 Amazingly, our house suffered minimal damage!  A foot closer, the roof and windows would possibly have been smashed and major damage...
 The trees fell below the side deck and smashed our outdoor patio furniture into splinters.  However, the table was still standing with just one side sheared off.
 You can see the size of the trees with Jam standing in what used to be her yard...
 In the top left of this picture, the teeter made it through the hurricane untouched.
 Savi surveys the damage..
Trixie thinks we should have stayed on vacation!  We have a big clean up ahead of us and will have a lifetime supply of firewood!

We were truly lucky compared to those who suffered catastrophic damage from Hurricane Irene.  Friends have had their houses flooded and our heart goes out to those people who have lost everything.  Just a reminder to be as prepared as possible for you and your pets for emergency situations.

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Sagira said...

Glad that you guys are safe. But wow...the damage. At least there was only minimal on the house.