Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday morning marsh run

 While Hurricane Irene was battering the South East and slowly moving up the coast, we took advantage of the nice weather to enjoy a marsh run with the dogs.  The picture above shows the marsh at a normal high tide.  Once the effect of Hurricane Irene hit the Cape, the water will be much higher and we'll experience high winds and possibly rain.
 Jam has a new talent, pointing crabs! She seems fascinated by them!
 Of course, Savi never leaves home without her bumper and puts it to good use.  She dashes out the door, picks it up and runs down to the marsh, waiting for us to take her swimming!  This is one of her favorite toys,the Air Kong Tennis Fetch Stick Rope Toy, a floating retrieving toy made out of tennis ball material.
 We almost had a mini-tragedy when she lost it the day before when she dropped it in the marsh to follow Trixie, who was after some tantalizing scent.  I sent her to find it to no avail and but today, we returned to the area and I sent her to look for it and Savi found it!
 We picked this bouquet of wild lavender, one of the many pretty flowers that grow here.
Trixie waiting for us...

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