Monday, August 15, 2011

Trixie has a new title... BROM!

Trixie & her daughters -  l-r: Sky, Trixie, Savi & Jam, after a hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains at Pisgah National Forest in NC
We are very excited to announce that Trixie now has her WCA BROM title, or Breed Register of Merit.  With Mia-belle finishing her championship, that gave Trixie the required minimum of four champions, plus she already had more than enough other points (the minimum 50 points), to complete the requirements for this honored designation.  Trixie currently has over 100 BROM points and will continue to move up the BROM rankings as her get finish more AKC and WCA titles. Trixie's champion get to date are Marshall, Jam, Bravo and Mia-belle.  Many of her other pups are more than halfway to finishing their AKC Championships plus other titles.

From the WCA website, here are is an explanation and the rules for the BROM award:

Breed Register of Merit (BROM)


The WCA BROM is primarily for the purpose of recognizing those sires and dams which produce fine offspring.

It is bench oriented although limited credit is given for field, obedience, tracking, agility and WCA ratings. Nothing the sire or dam does is counted. Only the accomplishments of the sons and daughters are compiled.
Compilations will be made monthly. Only U.S.A. awards and wins will count.
The BROM is open to all Weimaraners who qualify.

Submission of Data.
All data will be recorded and stored electronically. All bench wins and AKC titles earned will be keyed into the BROM system from the AKC Awards; Futurity, Maturity and WCA Rating titles will be keyed from The Weimaraner Magazine. No wins or titles will be entered into the BROM system until published in the AKC Awards or The Weimaraner Magazine. Owners do not need to send verification of parentage unless requested by BROM chairman.

Upon completion of the BROM title, the sire/dam’s name will be listed in The Weimaraner Magazine. A BROM pin will be sent to the first recorded owner. Duplicate pins may be ordered by co-owners from the BROM chairman for a price set by the WCA board. A list of all BROM titled sires and dams is available on the WCA website.

1. In order for a sire to become eligible for the BROM designation, the following requirements must be met:
a. His point total must be 100 or more.
b. The points must be earned by 10 or more progeny.
c. 8 of those progeny must achieve the AKC title of CHAMPION.

2. In order for a bitch to become eligible for the BROM designation the following requirements must be met:
a. Her point total must be 50 or more.
b. The points must be earned by 5 or more progeny.
c. 4 of those progeny must achieve the AKC title of CHAMPION.

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