Monday, August 29, 2011

Jam-in at Balston Beach

 A picture perfect day for a hike through the hills of Truro to Balston Beach, which is on the Atlantic Ocean.
 We couldn't imagine that the beach would be empty on such a gorgeous August day,
 The surf was a bit rough due to Hurrican Irene and there was a high surf warning.  The little black dot out in the water is a seal.  We saw a number of seals swimming offshore amid the seagulls floating on the surface.
 Jam loved spending time with us and running along the beach,
 Here I come!
 And what could be better than shorebirds to point...we think these are terns.
 August is considered the best month for observing shorebirds on Cape Cod.
 Jam had a wonderful workout and was quite tired when she joined us for dinner at an outdoor cafe in Provincetown.

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Sagira said...

Just beautiful. Looks like a great time. :)