Friday, August 19, 2011

The Grayhart Girls Great Southern Adventure - Part 6: Grand Finale

 Well, this is the final post on our road trip down south, which had an incredible ending.  The last day of showing in Greenville on July 30th was a successful one, with Jam getting an Award of Merit, owner/breeder handled, over multiple group winning specials, at the Greater Charleston Weimaraner Club Supported Entry at the Hendersonville Kennel Club Show under Judge Dr. Michael Woods.  The competition was tough, as this was part of the WCA Southern Regional Specialty weekend, with many top ten specials from all over the country entered.  The judge, took his time and seemed to take forever to make his final decisions, walking up and down the long line of bitches, stopping at his top three picks, one of which was Jam.  He finally made his mind up and we were thrilled to get a piece of the action at this large show.  I was so proud of how well Jam did amongst all the specials with her limited showing.

Once the show was finally over and we packed up and said our goodbyes to all our friends, Debbie, Sky's owner and I, made the ninety minute drive back to her lovely house in Western North Carolina.  We had a terrific dinner, one of many, with husband Joe, took the dogs for a well-needed run and hit the sack to get up early for a long awaited hike in the mountains.

The Grand Finale

The Smokey Mountains in North Carolina are scenic and have awesome hiking trails.  Debbie took me and our four dogs to one of her favorite trails in Piscah National Forest for a 3-hour hike through the woods and up hills to scenic overlooks.  We took many pictures and I've posted some of my favorites.  The dogs had a great time running and hunting and we couldn't have had a better time watching them and getting some well needed exercise and time in the great outdoors. After our hike, we dropped the dogs off at the house and toured quaint, downtown Waynesville.  Then another relaxing dinner and off to bed for my last night in the south. 
 This was taken after the hike with tired dogs!  l-r: Sky, Trixie, Savi and Jam
 The dogs were excited to range out and there were no people for as far as the eye could see!
 We stopped for lunch and to take pictures at the top of this mountain...
 Debbie got this cool shot of Savi, who seems to do everything with enthusiasm!
 Savi enjoyed a quick dip to cool off
 Savi posing on the monument...
 Momma Trixie and her three daughters....l-r: Sky, Trixie, Savi and Jam
 Beautiful Sky posing

A wonderful ending to a truly fabulous trip.  It was wonderful to spend quality time with friends, visiting with our Southern pups, and my girls successful showings at the agility trial and conformation shows, were just icing on the cake.  Till our next adventure...

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June said...

GRAY-t photos!

I love Savi's taaah-dahhh shot...nothing subdued about that girl LOL!

Jam's win photo is beautiful (Nice suit, Linda!)