Thursday, June 3, 2010

Savi on location

Savi, at only four months old, on location in NYC for her first photo shoot for a well known household product. The ad will appear nationally in magazines this October. Like big sister Jam, Savi has inherited the modeling gene from Momma Trixie. The photographer, client and agent were all very impressed with our little Savi's focus and attention and how well she could hold her sit stay. It was a wonderful experience for her to walk the streets of New York, ride in a freight elevator and get used to working on set with all the lighting and noises associated with a commercial shoot. Savi took it all in stride and loved the special treats we gave her as a reward.


Sagira said...

Very cute!
How do you get your dogs into that? Many people tell us how pretty Sagira is and she is SO photogenic we would love to get her into that.

Linda said...

Sagira is very photogenic! You need to contact animal agents in your area and send them pictures of your dog along with a list of their level of training and tricks they can do. At a minimum, they must be able to sit, down and stand stay with you 10 feet away with a high level of distractions.

Sagira said...

Thanks, will have to look into that.

Sagira can do that, no problem. Now her ears might not be up all the time if she is scared though. You can tell how she is feeling by the placement of her ears. :)