Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Gray Herd and on to birds...

The pictures don't capture the excitement and joy of seeing our herd of Weims running through the fields and around the preserve. We lucked out with the weather on Wednesday, cool with temps in the high 60s/low 70s and a slight breeze - just perfect! Ready to run...Monty, Jam, Trudy and Savi.
Off in the distance...
The chase is on with Jam in the lead!
Catch me if you can!
Trudy was introduced to a chukar. She hasn't been on birds in a year but the natural ability is still there.
Working both her nose and sight

She sure had a great time and was so intense on the bird, that she wasn't fazed one bit when we shot the blank gun. A few more sessions and this girl will be ready for Junior Hunter :-)
Monty has a great nose, worked the wind and went on point from quite a distance from the bird.
Nice point and getting steadier to the shot each training session!
Jam had a good run as well and even got to retrieve a bird. Savi was not left out of the fun, we just had a camera malfunction and her pictures didn't turn out. She found the bird, pointed and then carried it around proud as can be. Still a puppy, we are encouraging this behavior and love seeing how much drive and boldness she has.


Sagira said...

So fun to see them in action. :)

Linda said...

They had a blast and we loved watching the fun! Nothing like seeing it in person.