Sunday, September 20, 2009

New NSD title for Jam!

Today, at the Garden State Weimaraner Club's WCA Ratings test, Jam passed the Novice Shooting Dog test and now has a new title - NSD! Even under not ideal conditions, hot temps and very little wind, Jam showed off her hunting skills and found a bird, held a beautiful stylish point and wowed the judges. I am very proud of my girl!
We had a great day at the test, even though Ranger didn't qualify, he had a nice run his first time ever in the birdfield and listened to Patrick, a testament to the wonderful job they've done training him. Mason, with owner's Jan and Matt, made the trip and enjoyed a day of learning, socialization and exposure to birds. Once the ratings test was over, we were able to use the grounds and do a little bit of training to introduce Ranger and Mason to quail, which they thought were very cool. A fun day for the Grayhart family!

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