Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back Jam-in in the field

After a break from field training due to vacations and poor weather, we were excited to take Jam back to Mike's for field training, especially as we are getting ready for this Sunday's WCA Ratings test, hosted by the Garden State Weimaraner Club, as well as upcoming fall hunt tests. A few other Grayhart dogs will be joining us for the fun. Mia and Ranger will make their first run in a field event and Mason will get his first exposure to birds.
Jam just keeps on wowing us with her natural ability and solid point. Check out Jam's blog for more pictures of Jam from our day in the field.
The WCA Shooting and Retrieving program is a wonderful program. Here is the purpose of the program from the WCA Handbook:

Purpose of Rating Tests

The Tests are offered to allow for the non-competitive evaluation of Weimaraners in hunting and retrieving. The levels of difficulty are intended to be a natural progression in the development and training of dogs in each area. The levels very often also reflect the experience of the handler. For the sake of judgement, the two types of tests are completely separate. From a breeder’s standpoint the dog who accomplishes advanced degrees in both areas is the ideal. The tests give breeders and prospective puppy buyers a realistic tool in evaluating a dog and/or a line for natural abilities and trainability. These tests also are frequently the stepping stone for novice Weimaraner owners into the world of field trials and other competition. The judges must remember that the dogs are judged solely on their performance according to the rules and not in competition with other dogs.

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