Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday Wotan!!!

My special boy, Wotan, Windward's Standing In Motion, JH,AX, AXJ,NSD,V (major pointed), celebrated his 13th birthday today!
Wotan is in amazing shape for a senior dog and only retired from competing in agility last fall. He still has a ton of drive and loves to hike, retrieve his all time favorite toy, the Kong on a rope, on both land and in water.
He still enjoys playing on the equipment in our yard.
Hanging out watching the younger dogs.
On a recent hike with his ever present Kong.
Wotan's favorite thing in the world is just being a momma's boy and he is truly my dog, following me everywhere, from the bathroom, to his favorite chair in my office to a dog bed in the kitchen and sleeping snuggled up to me in my bed.

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