Monday, September 28, 2009

Jam earns her first Junior Hunter leg!

Jam made us very proud this past Saturday by earning her first Junior Hunter qualifying leg at the Westminster Kennel Club Hunt Test in Milbrook, NY! I was very proud of how our young girl did and received compliments from one of the judges on her "beautiful point".
To earn the AKC Junior Hunter title, a dog must receive four qualifying legs. The dogs run a pre-set course with a brace mate, for 15-20 minutes and must be able to find a bird, hold the point for a minimum of 3 seconds, not be gun shy when the handler shoots the blank pistol after flushing the bird and must point at least 50% of the birds they encounter. The Junior dogs are scored by two judges on a scale of 1-10, in four categories: hunting, bird finding ability, pointing and trainability. To pass, the dog must get a minimum score of 5 in each category with an overall average of not less than 7. Out of the 6 Junior dogs tested, only two passed that day.

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