Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Magical Maggie

Maggie, Grayhart's Special Magic, out of our Trixie/Zeke litter, has cast her spell and charms everyone she meets. Spending time with us while her family vacations in Alaska, Maggie has become part of the family and enjoyed life at Grayhart partaking in all the fun activities.No stay would be complete without dog show stacking practice.
Maggie loved going to the dog shows and thought all the fuss was for her. Nothing fazes this super confident girl, who easily went from an indoor show at a hockey arena to huge outdoor shows greeting spectators, vendors and exhibitors with gusto. During a break at obedience class, Maggie followed mom Trixie up and over the A-Frame. It was so much fun, she did it twice! Then to my amazement, Maggie climbed right up the full-size teeter in my backyard and I gently supported the board while it dropped down and she confidently went to the end. Agility star in the making!
Double decker with Jam
Loves the bones she found as well as like a kid in a toy store discovering all the baskets of toys around our house.
Naptime is always better with your BFF, aka Jam.
Maggie even got to cuddle with our old man, Wotan.
Maggie heads home tomorrow and we will miss her. She kept us very busy, as all five month old pups will do, but we loved having her here as she is such a pleasure due to her being so well socialized by her owners and her what's next attitude.

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