Friday, September 13, 2013

Fabulous Friday the 13th

 No bad luck on this Friday the 13th!  In fact, it was a stellar weather day here in the Northeast and we took full advantage and took the dogs for a 3-hour hike to one of favorite local trails in Harriman State Park.  My friend, Lori, a fellow Weim lover, joined us for an afternoon of beautiful nature and great exercise.
 The reward at the top of the trail - a view of New York City!  It was a bit hazy today, not as spectacular as on a clear day but still impressive.
 Jam and Savi spent the hike hunting, exploring and just having a wonderful time and barely stopped for us to get photos.  They will sleep well tonight.
 Trixie is the perfect hiking companion and will pose or do anything for a treat!

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