Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Party all night long

 The Rockstars partied like it was 1999, each celebrating their first birthday in their own way.  Above, Ember, Grayhart's Light My Fire, had a party that would make any pup envious.
Chloe, Grayhart's Walk this Way, our resident city girl, was a fashionista in her Princess attire, and yes, she wears that crown daily!
 Roxy, Grayhart's Silver Rocket, showing off one of the fabulous birthday presents, handmade tugs made by Rigby's mom, Nina, that she thoughtfully sent to all the littermates in colors that matched their original collars!
 Roxy enjoyed her frosty paws ice cream and then had even more fun destroying her party hat!

 Rigby, Grayhart's Rider on the Storm, had a birthday week which included a party at a lake, that's our beautiful girl on the dock and playing with her friends. She also got to go tracking with her mom and her tracking group.

Ella, Grayhart's How High the Moon, who was the first in the litter to get a title, her AKC STAR Puppy, had a great weekend home with her family.
Chase, Grayhart's Freeway Jam, got all kinds of fun presents and played with his BFF Mia.
Gabi, Grayhart's Something to Talk About, had a zen-like birthday doing yoga poses...
 and there is always one who parties a little too hard...sleep well Ember!

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