Sunday, September 22, 2013

CeCe struts her stuff at the GSWC Match Show

 CeCe, Grayhart's Almost Famous, (Parker x Savi), now 4 1/2 months old, is in training to be a show dog.  Match shows, which are not worth any championship points, are a terrific way to get real ring experience in a relaxed, fun environment.  The goal is for the puppies to have a positive experience.  CeCe stood for exam like a champion and the chicken we used for bait was as good as gold.
 Show dogs are judged in two areas, conformation and movement.  The pups need to learn to do the show stack, the stance that shows off their conformation, allow the judge to examine them from teeth to tail, which includes checking their bite, to being felt all over and their legs being reset.  Movement is gaiting around the ring at a trot with their head up.  This was only CeCe's 3rd time on a show lead and I was proud of how well she strutted her stuff around the ring.  
 CeCe showed correct movement, with reach and drive.
 CeCe on a down and back...
 CeCe's first 1st place ribbon! She also received a trophy gift bag filled with lots of good stuff.  
It's hard work being pretty CeCe!  

CeCe is owned by KellyAnn and Chris Kwiatek and myself.  We are thrilled with how this little pup is developing and having a ball with her.

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