Thursday, October 25, 2012

AKC Meet the Breeds 2012

Last Sunday was a super busy day as we had volunteered to man the Weimaraner Club of America booth in the morning, at the 4th Annual AKC Meet the Breeds event held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City.  This is a huge event with over 200 breeds of dogs and cats plus demos and vendors. 

I brought Mia, Grayhart's American Woman,CGC, to be my ambassadog for the WCA booth.   In the afternoon, Bonnie Lane came with Mia's sire, Parker, BISS GCH HiBourne's It's All About Me, BROM. The event was very crowded and everyone who walked by wanted a chance to pet, kiss and hug Mia.  And it was nonstop flashbulbs as too many people to count, wanted a photo op with our supermodel. 

Mia turned on the charm and was an awesome representative for our breed, impressing everyone she met with her sweet disposition, stable temperament and terrific training.

The WCA booth was decorated with photos of Weims doing everything from agility, obedience, swimming, hunting, showing, etc. There were also informational handouts on the breed and books for people to peruse.

We were very proud of the great job Parker and Savi did representing our breed. The only catch is that everyone assumed that all Weims are as laid back and well trained as our crew...unfortunately that isn't the case. We spent a lot of time educating people on the characteristics of the breed (high energy, need for a tremendous amount of exercise, very intelligent) and what a huge commitment it is to own, train and socialize a Weim or else they can be destructive, skittish, wild and even aggressive. Yes, they are a beautiful breed but much more and not the right dog for most people.

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