Saturday, October 13, 2012

J-S Pups Day 28: New Digs & New Menu

 The Rockstars have had a busy few days.  They moved out of the whelping box into the puppy pen in our living room, right next to the kitchen.  
The move was a ton of work for us but not for the pups who took the whole thing in stride. A move can be stressful for pups but this crew was confident and immediately began exploring their new digs.

Thankfully, Aimee and Josh, who will be getting one of the Rockstars, came down to cuddle with the pups and help set up the puppy pen.  The rubber, cushioned matted floor has great texture to give the pups traction and cushioning to prevent injuries and give visitors a comfortable floor to sit on.  Being in the center of our busy household, they will also be exposed to lots of different noises and of course, visitors.
The pups loved their new, fancy dog bed and immediately had to check it out - definitely creatures of comfort.  They also have a plenty of toys, a small crate and a litter box for doing their business.
 We began weaning the pups from Jam and they enjoyed their first meal in the pen, a bowl of Eukanuba weaning formula, which is basically ground dog food that we add warm water to make a cereal.  

 Chase was the first one to dig in and went back for seconds!
 The Rockstars had a nonstop party with guests traveling from near and far to see their show.  Photos from the puppy visits will be posted.  

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June said...

this little crew really had a busy weekend being the main attraction... took is all in stride (true rockstar fashion!!)Loved all the attention and photo sessions.
I just love these pups and it was awesome to meet some more puppy people who will become part of the Grayhart family in a few short weeks!!
Rock on...