Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I finally got around to hanging some of my favorite photos of Trixie on my home office wall.  These wonderful shots were taken at the 1997 Weimaraner Club of America Nationals in Pittsburgh, PA, by the Brand Studio.

The photo of Trixie wearing the boa is truly a favorite and once an impromptu shot that unsettled the photographer but turned out to be fabulous.  I had the first portrait appointment of the show and this photographer has a specific style to his shots, very beautiful and artistic, showing off the dogs natural beauty with the dogs collarless.  A friend was vending in the next booth and ran over and put the boa on Trixie.  The photographer wasn't happy but I told him to humor her and just take a few shots.  Was I surprised to see this picture as his screen saver the next morning when I came in to see my proofs!

The shot of the two dogs is Trixie kissing her littermate Jett, CH GraytSky's International Dateline, who she hadn't seen since they were eight weeks old.  We took this setup as a surprise for  Trixie and Jett's breeders, Amy and Michael Anderson of GraytSky.  They loved it!

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June said...

they look great!