Friday, August 3, 2012

GSA: Sunburst Trail Hike

 As part of our Grayhart Southern Adventure, Kel and I had made a goal to hike as much as possible in this beautiful part of the country.  Despite the heat, we persevered and took the dogs on three amazing hikes.  The third day of hiking, on Thursday, July 26th, led us to the Sunburst Trail in Pisgah National Forest.  Debbie had recommended this hike for its shady trails through the forest which leads to a lovely waterfall plus lots of streams along the way for the dogs to drink from.
 From the parking lot to every turn on the trail, butterflies were everywhere!  Not sure what butterfly bushes drew them here and there were hundreds on the ground in the parking area.
 This trail is a forest road with a gradual incline and offers lots of shade, making it quite pleasant even on the hottest of days.
A view from one of the turns in trail.  Unfortunately, we missed the turnoff for the waterfall and walked further than originally planned.
 Surprise!!!  Always important to look ahead as there was a large, easily 6' long King snake on the trail,  The rest of him was coiled up in the grass.  We grabbed the dogs, Kell took a photo and off we went back from where we came from.  There are poisonous snakes in this area, Copperheads and Rattlers, so no taking any chances with this snake.
 Although we missed the waterfall, we hiked about 5 miles and enjoyed the exercise and experiencing a different part of the area.
 When we made it back to Debbie's house, it was show training time for Mia, getting ready for her show weekend in Greenville, SC.  Debbie has her own agility yard and it was perfect for practicing conformation, obedience and of course, agility.
From hiking to stacking, Mia sure got a workout!

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