Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Wonderland Hike - Harriman State Park

Me and Trixie...yes, I'm wearing a ChillyDog fleece headband that matches her coat!
 The trails at Harriman State Park glistened with the fresh snow and we enjoyed a strenuous hike through the virgin snow.
 Trixie, Savi and Jam, getting rewards for their great recall.
 The morning light was just amazing and I regretted forgetting my camera at home.  Fortunately, I had my phone and got some pretty good shots.
 A perfect place for the dogs to range out and stretch their legs.
Our own private winter paradise!


Sagira said...

It does look like a winter paradise. I love that you have a matching headband, very cute. :)

Linda said...

Thanks! The headband is now a "collector's item" as ChillyDogs no longer makes them :)

hotdogjunie said...

Jam's Naked! She must have been one chilly dog after the hike LOL
I had a cute headband like that (Not from Julie, though) and June ate it!