Saturday, October 9, 2010

Super Saturday - Jam's 1st Novice Obed leg & Bravo's Win

Jam with her qualifying rosette
A super Saturday from coast to coast: In New York, with Jam, Grayhart's Purple Haze,JH,NSD, (Parker x Trixie) earning her first Novice Obedience leg with a very respectable score of 189 out of 200!
Bravo on a weekend at the beach
And in California, with Bravo, Grayhart Crescent's Bravo, going Winner's Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite over a special, for his first 2 points out of the 6-9 month class!  This was almost a major win but the major in bitches broke which happens but we are unbelievably proud of Bravo and handler Jennifer Underwood.  Bravo is also the first puppy of our Clay and Trixie litter to win conformation points.  This boy is on his way to his championship!  Congratulations to Bravo's owners, Jay Logan and Ron Goularte!


Sagira said...

Way to go Jam and Bravo!

sararenee said...

I love how seriously miss Jam is taking that ribbon!
Nice weekend!