Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More weekend dog reports: Sky

Debbie and Sky at the training day.
While we were enjoying the agility trials in New Jersey, Sky, Grayhart Lightfoot Early Morning Rain, JH, TD, RN, was off in South Carolina with owner, Debbie, for the Tarheel Weimaraner Club's WCA Retrieving Ratings.  On Saturday, the club had a wonderful training day, giving the dogs an opportunity to swim in the pond used for the test and practice on the grounds.  The actual test was on Sunday and unfortunately, Sky did not pass, thinking it was better to keep the bird all to herself for plucking, rather than return it to Debbie. That just isn't allowed and Debbie quickly retrieved the bird from Sky to her dismay!  Not a surprise for Sky, who is extremely birdy.
Sky impressed everyone with her intensity, as shown below, and showed off her swimming skills.  Debbie said they had a great time with friends in the club and will now practice for the next Ratings test in the Spring.  We're sure Sky has an NRD title in her future once she realizes that returning the bird to her handler is not optional.
Debbie and Sky during the NRD test.  The handler must stay in the circle and the dog has to bring the bird back to the handler in the circle.
The WCA Ratings program is a wonderful set of pass/fail tests that judge a dog's natural ability in the field and retrieving skills at the lower levels ( NSD & NRD), and get more complex at the higher levels, which are similar to the AKC Hunt Test's Senior and Master levels and Retriever tests. The Delaware Valley Weimaraner Club and Garden State Weimaraner Club, will be holding a double test on October 24th, and a number of Grayhart dogs are entered in the morning ratings and I will be judging the afternoon tests.  We look forward to seeing how all the dogs perform and spending what we hope is a fantastic day in the field with friends.

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Anonymous said...

Keep practicing, Sky! You'll get it :-)

Can't wait to check out the Ratings tests with the Grayhart Gang... sounds like a GRAY-T new experience