Thursday, October 14, 2010

"A Legal Mind" & our Weims!

Gina Torres, Victor Garber, Jam & Trixie, on location
Trixie and daughter, Jam, put their acting hats on yesterday as they were hired to be in the pilot for a new show for USA Network called A Legal Mind.   They played the dogs owned by wealthy attorneys and got to frolick in the backyard for two of the scenes that featured two well known actors, both of whom I adored on Alias, Victor Garber and Gina Torres.

Victor Garber
Gina Torres
 Waiting between takes
 The breakfast scene, where Trixie decided to improvise and grab a cameo appearance by trying to steal a taste of the delectable food placed on the service cart. 
 Running ahead of their TV was important that the dogs ran from point A to point B at a specific time for the camera to frame the shot.
 Some down time between takes, the girls were terrific and hit their marks on cue!  The cast and crew loved them and we hope that the series will be picked up and the girls have a shot at a recurring role on the show.
At first glance, you may think that not much was involved for the girls to do this...that's how it should look, easy.  There is a lot training involved and the girls must stay off lead in a specific area with only hand signals as you cannot use voice commands during filming.  We needed to keep the girls moving and with lots of attitude with many distractions, including crew, equipment, squirrels and food.  Also, it is a long day, and important to make sure the dogs do not get stressed, overly excited and keep them safe.  We waited hours for the first scene and then had a two minute call to set.  All in a days work for my talented girls!

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Sagira said...

Wow...that is so neat. It is so fun to hear about all of these stories. Thanks for always getting us a sneak peak to. :)