Friday, October 8, 2010

Model students

 Practicing stays are always better with your sisters!  L-R: Trudy, Savi and Jam...makes me laugh when the other students ask me how I tell them apart!  One girl from each of our Trixie litters and it is awesome how Trudy just fits right into the program when she comes to visit.
 Although the flooring and gates need to be finished, we had a great class at the opening of Kathy Santo's Dog Training.  Lots of excellent work on group stays, recalls and the perfect back door to go hide outside for out-of-site stays too!
Trudy posing while she catches her breath...Jam and Savi give her a run for her money!
After class, we went for a fun hike and the girls really enjoyed running in the woods on a perfect fall day.  One word of warning, lots of ticks this time of year so don't forget to Frontline your dogs.


June said...

the new place looks great!

yeah, how *do* you tell them all apart? LOL
(actaully it's easy...Jam looks most like Trixie of the 3 to me and I'd know my pbp anywhere, so by process of elimination, I can pick out Trudy, too!)

Sagira said...

Look at all those well behaved Weims! Beautiful. :)