Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Jam, Mason & Savi

What could be better than spending a beautiful September day out in the field?  Jam, Mason and Savi all did really well and we had a great time training.
Savi is doing so well that we've entered her in her first hunt test!

Mason, pictured above and below, on his second time out, really impressed us with his intensity and drive.  He was hunting the fields and used his nose to find the scent.  I wish that he could spend more time with us as it is exciting to see him develop in the field, plus he is such a love to have in our house and fun to train.
Another grey dog?  Well, the girl on the left is Breeze, bred by a breeder friend in Ohio and her owner in NJ is training her with Jam for Senior Hunter.  Breeze is learning how to back and the ins and outs of Senior Hunter.  She had a blast playing with Savi and Mason and running in a mock hunt test with Jam.
Jam below, at a full run, loving be out at the preserve.

Jam on point and then retrieving.  She's coming along but not quite steady enough to enter the Senior test.

Family portrait: Mason, Jam, Trixie and Savi, all showing off their sit stays...what good dogs!

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Sagira said...

Look at what a cute family. :)