Friday, September 10, 2010

Jam the future face of Frontline

Trixie & Jam relaxing in the lounge at the studio before their call time

We were very excited to find out that Jam and Trixie, as the back up, were hired for a photo shoot for Frontline.  This is a product we use and recommend and it's exciting that Jam may be on some of the new packaging and advertisements to be launched next year. Jam did an awesome job during the two day shoot, one day on location at an incredible farm upstate New York and today, at a studio in NYC.  The girls are quite flexible at adapting to different locations and can relax and enjoy themselves wherever I take them.  
The farm was amazing and Jam was quite excited to run in the fields, especially as it was a crisp, fall-like day but we had to settle her down as it was a work day.  She did enjoy posing and then running back and forth for special treats while the photographer snapped away.  The shots looked incredible on the laptop and the client was thrilled with how gorgeous Jam looked.
 Views of the 168 acre farm and the animals that greeted us when we arrived.

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