Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beach Plums!

Cape Cod beach plums, a sought after local delicacy, grow wild and are used to make an excellent jam.  They look like dark grapes and have a small pit in the middle.  The dogs helped us pick our harvest and loved the plums; you would have thought they were really made of liver the way the dogs were scarfing them down right off the vine.
Trixie thinks the beach plums are a very special treat and I agree!
Jam, delicately picking her beach plums...
Yummo on the plums!
Savi enjoying snacking on the beach plums. So cute seeing all the girls picking the plums.
The beach plums are the size of grapes.
Clever Jam trying to steal some out of the basket.

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Sagira said...

What a special time, so cute how they are all there helping you out. :)