Friday, September 3, 2010

Cape Cod 2010

The girls, our daughter and from l-r, Savi, Jam and Trixie

We had a fabulous two weeks on Cape Cod, exploring, hiking, cycling, swimming, shopping and eating amazing local seafood, especially truly is our slice of heaven.  The dogs had a blast, running in the marshes, on the beach and Savi loved swimming in all the new places.  They enjoyed meeting new people and shopping with us in all the dog friendly shops.  Our girls are amazing travelers and I'm proud of how well puppy Savi did as this was her first trip to the Cape.  As one of our friends proclaimed, "The Cape is made for Savi!"

The dogs settled into our new routine there pretty quickly and with much planning and packing, we were well prepared to make their vacation with us an easy one.  It is important to make sure when traveling with pets that you not only have their food and depending where you go, water, extra leashes and ID on their collars, but all kinds of medications (check with your vet) and first aid supplies (vet wrap, hydrogen peroxide, super glue, etc) in the event of an illness or accident. We always carry anti-diarrhea medications and antibiotics.  Also, check to see where the nearest vet and emergency animal hospitals are located.

Just like at home, we set up crates and dog beds for the dogs in the house and show them their potty area and bring a pooper scooper for clean up.  A few favorite toys, treats and special chews, new knuckle bones from White Dog Bone, kept the dogs busy, especially on rainy days. Another important piece of equipment that we "schlep" with us are the xpens, which we attach to the deck.  Since our rental house did not have a fenced yard, it allows the dogs to hang out with us on the deck or alone while we are home, in a safe, contained outdoor area.  For practical reasons, it works great to put them in when we get back from the beach and they are wet and sandy; you sure do not want them in the house full of sand!

We left a day early to escape Hurricane Earl.  A hurricane warning was issued and the local TV and radio stations were announcing emergency shelters and which ones allowed pets...something to keep in mind when traveling.  Fortunately, the forecast looks like the Cape will be spared from heavy storm damage.

Now, to unpack...too bad the dogs can't help with that chore.


June said...

Sounds like it IS heaven! We love traveling with our dogs too... always alot to keep in mind; thanks for sharing your "packing list" off to check out your link for the bones!

Linda said...

You are very welcome! My other favorite place for bones and other chews and they attend local shows are Paws Up on Health,