Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Big Puppies

When Patrick and Veronika came to visit the puppies last Sunday, of course they brought Ranger, Jam's brother from our Trixie-Parker litter. These pups are almost 11 months old.Jam and Ranger had a blast running around the property and were quite evenly matched for wrestling.Ranger's visit to Camp Grayhart included an obedience lesson, show handling practice and lots of playtime with Jam. Jam in a down stay, watches as I teach Ranger how to walk properly on the leash.
More playtime...

Welcome to my house!

Good boy Ranger, practicing to be a show dog.
Ranger, aka Grayhart's Midnight Lightening, will be making his show debut the end of May.
More playtime with a game of tag...
Both Ranger and Jam slept quite soundly that night.

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