Thursday, April 16, 2009

T-Z Pups Day 23 Moving Up

Today was moving day for the pups and they love their new digs.
Decorated with comfy dog beds, ergonomic flooring and a crate.

Of course, we cannot forget all the fun toys and new ones will continue to appear.
The pups were quite adventurous exploring the crate and all around their new playground.

Tuckered out, Miss Raspberry found a nice lap to nap on.

Miss Yellow on the dog bed.

Trixie squeezed into the crate and offered snacks to her babies.

Wotan and Jam snuck in while we were setting up and thought all the fuss was for them...


Graydogz said...

Hee hee, Wotan and Jam had to figure out a way to get their mugs in the puppy blog. What a better way to do that, checking out the xpen, crate and fleece bed. Good for them!

Linda said...

Jam keeps trying to sneak into the puppy pen! She is just fascinated with these little gray creatures and watches puppyvision all day long --- too cute!

sararenee said...

Sylvie wants nothing to do with puppies- she will look at them and slowly back away, grumbling under her breath the entire time. Vera on the other had has actually gone into several puppy pens and sat in the middle of all the exploring puppies! They climb all over her and she is totally fine with it- very funny to see!