Monday, April 13, 2009

T-Z Pups Day 21 New Collars and New Toys!

Happy 3 weeks old little puppies!The puppies are sporting a new look with real big dog collars, in size extra small, with buckles and a little ring to attach a leash. These are the collars they will will wear to their new homes. Orange boy is now Red boy due to the unavailability of an orange collar.Another fun surprise was the addition of new toys. The frog talks, the pyramid makes for a fun place to explore, the pig has squeakers and rattles and will be great for tugging as the pups get older, and the lamb squeeks and has a nice textured coat.

A little more to the left please...itching new collar!
Say mother and I'll let you go!
Gotcha little lamb!
Tasty too!
Miss Green's new friend

Miss Yellow is the fashionista in the group with this new two-toned collar.

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