Sunday, June 9, 2013

S-P pups: One Month old! & new digs!

 The past week has been full of excitement and we haven't had time to update the blog with all the news on our Fast Times litter. The pups moved out of the whelping box into their puppy pen located in our living room; talk about being in the heart of our home.  They are right off the kitchen and we spend many hours in here watching TV and reading.  The puppy pen has super comfortable rubber mat flooring which gives the pups excellent traction, a litter box, dog beds and lots of toys, which we will rotate.
 The pups have grown and are now playing with each other and we see their personalities developing.  They are being exposed to many new things including sounds like the vacuum cleaner, hammering and dogs barking.  We've had visitors of all ages who played with them and handled them and helped us Dremel the pups nails.
 Savi was feeding the pups when we first moved them into the pen along with their kibble meals but now they are being weaned so are on the food 100%.  We bang their metal food dish with a metal spoon at feeding time to ingrain loud noises with a positive experience (food) and they get very excited at the sound of meal time!
 Like all Weims, these pups are creatures of comfort and love all the different dog bed.
 They have many new toys and we will rotate the toys to continue to expose them to different textures and noises.
 We even have a crate in the pen which is the start of their crate training.
The weekend was a crazy one and we will post those photos and tell you all about the puppies' cool outdoor space and the bottle pool.

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