Wednesday, June 26, 2013

S-P Pups Day 46-48: Fast Times Pups Play Hard

The Fast Times Pups have a rocking good time on this children's seesaw.  The pups are used to things that move and unsteady footing since they were four weeks old and we put a wobble board in the puppy pen.  The wobble board and seesaw help the pups get comfortable with sound and motion.  This seesaw is great for giving them confidence when objects move, works different body parts, makes noise and is a ton of fun!  These pups all have the potential to be future agility stars!
Puppy play and socialization are very important parts of the pups development. They are currently in the Curiosity Period, (5-7 weeks) of the Socializaiton period which lasts from 5-16 weeks. The pups want to climb, crawl, investigate and taste everything. 
The pups have the lowest fear now and are attracted to and accept people. We have visitors on an almost daily basis, introducing the pups to all kinds of people. 
The more chances a puppy has to be exposed to something new during this period, the less bothered it will be throughout its life when confronted with new or scary things.

The pups play includes growling, chasing, wrestling and "kill" games. They love to stalk each other from behind the bottle pool or the chairs. You can see the increased mobility and agility of the pups. They also use their teeth quite bit and may seem rough to an outsider, but this teaches the pups bite inhibition. We provide the pups with stimulating toys, such as those that move, bounce, make unusual noises and have various textures, are great for the pups.

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Nina said...

Love to see all the things your pups get introduced to!! I know all that exposure was great for Rigby and all your hard work pays off for the puppy owners!