Wednesday, June 19, 2013

S-P Pups Day 38: Stacking Practice & Sweet 16!

We began stacking the pups last week to get them used to being on the grooming table and can start taking a critical eye to their conformation.  At 5 weeks, the pups have much maturing to do and we do not make any decisions on whether the pups are show prospects until they are 8 weeks old.  We were happy with how the pups look at this age, the consistency of the litter and they all had solid toplines, good tailsets and beautiful heads.  Cream cheese is what we use to bait the pups and they love it!
 The pups have also an enormous amount of socialization from people of all ages and last weekend was   no different.  Friends came with their young children and then it was a Sweet 16 party for my daughter and the girls couldn't get enough of the little gray pups.

 Sorry girls, the puppies are not your party favors!

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