Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Rockstars Survive Hurricane Sandy!!!

We are safe and very blessed that the damage to our house and property was minimal compared to those who lost everything in the areas that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  That being said, during the storm, the winds howled and the trees that fell on our house and around it, shook the house as if there was an earthquake.  We lost power and have been told not to expect it back for 7-10 days.  Our house is blocked as there are fallen trees and wires on the street on both sides of our house. Our deck was completely destroyed by fallen trees and caused roof damage.  The tarping company has been out already to cover that many holes in the roof from the elements. Fortunately, we have a generator that will run our well pump, the fridge, heat and some lights.
 Our deck...
 The street is blocked on both sides by giant trees and wires.  Ironically, our mailbox, was spared!

 The front & side yard, covered with trees that during a micro burst, barely missed our house!
 View from our living room onto the deck.  Amazing that not a single window was broken.  We planned ahead and had moved the pups into an alternate pen in a different part of the house.
 Below is the view from our kitchen sliding glass door onto the deck...
 Giant, 100 foot tall trees, were blown over from their roots!
 Our friend's car, parked in our driveway, as they had a mandatory evacuation in their town and were staying with us, had a huge branch go through the windshield.  Thankfully, no one was in the car or it would have been fatal.
 The blocked road on the other side of our house.
 The town will not remove the trees until the power company, Rockland Electric, removes/fixes the down wires.
 With wonderful friends here, we rode out the storm, making veal stew and other goodies and felt relatively safe.  We played with the puppies, who were amazingly unfazed by any of storm noises, house quakes or chainsaws in the aftermath.  We pulled out the tunnel and they had a blast running around a mock agility course from the wobble board and tunnel.  They also had fun retrieving toys including a metal scent article and glove.  We were well prepared for the storm, stocking up on food, gas, and puppy supplies.

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