Monday, November 12, 2012

The Rockstars have gone on tour!

It has been quite a ride for the Rockstars, especially the last two weeks with Hurricane Sandy, trees falling on and around the house and no power for two weeks and still no date as when we'll be back on the grid.  They took field trips in the car, many fans visiting, had their temperament test, conformation evaluation, health check and vaccination by our vet and the big finale was the Grayhart Puppy Party.  All said and done, now these pups are off to star in solo careers with their new families.

We have a multitude of photos to share and now that we have internet back, it will be easier to update the blog and catch up on how the Rockstars are doing in their new homes as well as post the fun party pics from the last few weeks, when internet was spotty.
These talented and lovely pups will have careers in show and performance and snuggling.

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June said...

Solo careers...Love it! :-)