Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Rockstar Puppy Party!

Jam watching over her pups while relaxing on the couch
 What has evolved into an important event for all our litters, is the Puppy Party. This party, is a celebration and the day the pups go to their new homes.  All the owners come and enjoy meeting each other, forming great camaraderie, attend the Grayhart Puppy Class, fill out all the necessary paperwork, including AKC Registration, sales agreement and WCA membership and if applicable, WCA Futurity/Maturity Forfeits.  We then take family portraits, which will be in a separate post, and after goodbyes, (for now) the pups leave with their families to begin their new lives.
Grayhart Rockstar booklet & wonderful gifts for human & dogs from our puppy people!
 This party was a bit different from those in the past, as the Grayhart Puppy Manual, had a custom cover with a special Rockstar Litter logo, designed by our good friend, KellyAnn.  Kel, who I can't thank enough, saved the day, by printing and assembling the books for me since I was unable to get the files on my home computer due to the power failure.  Kel also added color pictures of Jam and Summit, making this book extra special.  We also assembled gift bags for the new owners that included a toy from the puppy pen, a new, soft plush toy, and lots of treats from Natural Balance and special homemade treats that Megan, Summit's owner made for the pups!

Oh, as a reminder to anyone who either forgot or did not know, we lost power due to Hurricane Sandy and after 17 days without, it was restored on November 14th!  We ran the generator when necessary, and managed to throw the puppy evaluations on November 10th, another fun party and the official Puppy Party, on November 11th!
 It literally took a village to get everything done leading up to and including the party.  From the temperament testing, done by the amazing Gayle Watkins of Gaylans Goldens, the vet wellness visit, conformation evaluation and then finally the puppy party, we are grateful for the wonderful help and friendship to make all these events a success.  Enormous thanks go to KellyAnn, Nina, and Aimee and Josh!  At some point, I will be able to catch up and post photos from all the events.
 Of course, there was plenty of yummy food, including the best bagels, delivered by Bonnie and Steve, who one Jam's sire Parker.  Steve owns what is considered the best bagel shop on Long Island - no argument that these bagels are amazing.
The Grayhart manual include the vaccination record and protocol, feeding, care, health, behavior and training information and articles.  We then have a hands on portion, showing how to examine a pup, do nails, ears and teeth plus a stacking lesson.
 It was a fabulous end to our 8-weeks of puppy raising and now, it is up to the new owners to guide these pups to grow and thrive and live up to their potential.

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