Tuesday, July 31, 2012

GSA: Flat Laurel Trail & Devil's Courthouse

As previously posted, on our trip down to the Carolina's, aptly named the Grayhart Southern Adventure or GSA for short, we spent time during the second week, hiking in Pisgah National Forest.  On Tuesday, July 24rd, Debbie was able to take a day off of work and not only took us to her favorite hiking spots, but made a fantastic tour guide, showing off the area with detailed knowledge that made our day truly special.  All three of our gray girls, Sky, Mia and Savi, were able to stretch their legs and run on the wonderful trails and cool off in the crystal clear streams.

 One of the streams we crossed on our hike and Mia watched while Savi took a quick swim.
We began the day driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway and stoppedfor a 2.5 mile hike on the Flat Laurel Creek trail.  Parts of the trail opened up out of the woods to expose magnificent views of the mountains.  The weather was extremely hot, in the 90's but we made the best of it, dressed properly and drank lots of water.  It was worth trekking through the heat to enjoy the trail and the views.
Our next stop was an incredible place called Devil's Courthouse.  From the parking area, there is a short, but very steep trail up to the summit. 


 Debbie, littermates Sky & Mia, me, Savi and KellyAnn

 We had one more important stop to make before we headed home...the viewpoint where we have stopped on every visit and taken a portrait of the dogs...
l-r: Mia, Savi & Sky

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June said...

What fun!!
All our hiking paid off and counteracted the great food and drink. I only gained one pound on the GSA! :-)